Xbox/Switch Setup


These two consoles support the use of a DNS trick that returns a counterfeit address to the "Featured Servers," resulting in the console connecting to the GeyserConnect instead of the featured servers. For this reason, we have an "Official Servers" listing on the GeyserConnect so you don't have to undo the DNS settings to play on them.


GeyserConnect DNS IP:


Doing this trick is slightly more advance.

- You must go to your system settings, then internet settings.

I recommend looking at the current connection info, and take note of the "Gateway" IP address.

- Go to the connection settings, and find the DNS settings.

- Switch the DNS settings to manual.

- Enter the GeyserConnect DNS into the Primary DNS Server.

- Enter the "Gateway" address you copied earlier into the Secondary DNS. For the secondary, you may also use or or if you'd rather, or if the Gateway address does not work.

- Finally, you must restart your console for the change to take effect. With the Switch you may simply restart the console.

On Xbox however, a restart sometimes is not enough. If simply restarting fails, first try disabling IPv6 on your router and restart it if you have the option. Otherwise, or if it still fails, attempt to use the Playstation method.


For a visual assist, check out this video. (P.S. The IP in the video is wrong, use the one on this page instead.)