Public GeyserConnect

The easy way to join our server with your console, by using your friends list.

Go to your Friends list.

Select Add Friend.

We have a total of 4 friend listeners (bots). Select one based what you're looking for. You'll type one of the following into the gamertag box.

"Public GC": This is the primary friend bot. It points to whatever server we have pointed to at whatever time.

"Public US GC": This is the bot that always points to the U.S. server.

"Public EU GC": This bot always points to the European server.

"PublicBetaGC": This bot points to our Experimental server.

Select Add Friend again.

Wait for our system to add you back as a friend.

Go to your game's "Friends" tab.

Look for and select the "US Public GeyserConnect proxy!" entry to join.

If you need to use the EU or Experimental server, go to the "Official Servers" entry in the GeyserConnect and select the one you want to use.

P.S. You can add/remove us freely with your friends list. Our system will respond in kind automatically. There are no limits to number of times this can be done.

P.P.S. This system is still experimental. Switch and XBox players who are comfortable with changing their internet settings are advised to use the "Advanced Setup" as a backup.