Public GeyserConnect

What is the Public GeyserConnect?

The Public GeyserConnect allows Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players to connect to Minecraft: Java Edition servers.

You can use the Public GeyserConnect with mobile devices, consoles, or Windows PCs to play with your friends.
This also gives console players the ability to have a custom server-list.

How do I use it?

You can connect to the Public GeyserConnect by following the guides:

Wanna Experiment?

We also host an experimental instance of GeyserConnect. It has a different configuration with features enabled such as building above the nether bedrock layer. It may also get testing versions of GeyserConnect to test new features. You can access it with the IP , which is hosted in the U.S.

Outdated Server?

We have a means to help you with this error! Be warned though, it is tricky to use.

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