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What is the purpose of this server?

This server is a proxy server for bedrock users. It allows Bedrock (PE) players to connect to Java servers! This server can be used by Win10, mobile, and even console users! Console users can use this to add "custom servers" from their systems, and are presented with a list similar to BedrockConnect. This server is capable of allowing Bedrock players to connect to both Bedrock and Java servers.


How do I connect?

Check out our connection links here:






Getting "Oudated Server"? Click here to find out how to get around this.

We also have an experimental server. This server has features enabled that the main servers do not (such as above-nether-building). It may also occasionally get testing versions of GeyserConnect to test new features. It may be accessed using the address This server is also in the U.S.


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We also have a tracker for public cross-play servers! Click the image below to view it. If you want to have any servers added to this list, contact us on the Discord.


Click the left icon below for more info about the servers we feature on the list, and the icon on the right for a list of other cross-platform servers (such as what's seen on the Minetrack).



Click the Discord icon in the bottom-right corner for live help. Just please be aware not to expect an immediate response as we have lives outside of GeyserConnect.



Disclaimer: We are just some fans who operate this for the benefit of the community, with a couple of devs who give us a bit of their time here and there.

Our server is powered by (but not funded by, operated by, or otherwise associated with)


Our current Sponsors/Hosts are linked here.

Our staff are listed here.



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