Public GeyserConnect

VIAaaS (accessing "Outdated Servers")

Many users may be familiar with a plugin known as ViaVersion. This plugin allows outdated servers to accept the latest game versions that players connect from. This, unfortunately, is not a viable option for a service such as the Public GeyserConnect. There is a solution though. We also host an instance of what is known as "VIA As A Service" or VIAaaS for short. This is a proxy server that allows version mismatching. Our primary focus is the latest version to outdated servers.

Using this server is more complicated than GeyserConnect is. GeyserConnect has a really nice (subjectively speaking) user interface, while VIAaaS has no user interface at all. It instead accepts arguments as part of the server address. The server address is `` but this will not do much by itself. You must pass the server and sometimes the version info to it, or enter the information into the login login page. So for instance, to connect to 2b2t you must use ``. The "" is of course the address. the "._of" uses the offline listener in the web auth page for VIAaaS and "._v1_12-2" tells it the server is version 1.12.2. This is a fairly confusing (imo) system to use, so join our discord and hop over to the #viaaas-help channel for some assistance in getting started.