Public GeyserConnect

This is our team at the Public GeyserConnect:


  • G.Reaper/Greaper88:

    Owns the hardware that hosts the server, and also handles administration, adding/removal of servers from the list, and also administers the DNS server, domains, and Discord.

  • EasyClifton:

    Responsible for the initial server (software) setup and configuration. Also handles configuration, adding/removing servers from the list, and handles other administrative tasks such as the Discord and server restarts and other schedules.

  • Jens:

    Owns the hardware that hosts the EU server.


  • YHDiamond

    Handles manual restarts of the server when necessary, and also handles administration on the Discord.

Geyser Developers

  • rtm516

    The lead dev of GeyserConnect. He essentially combined BedrockConnect and GeyserMC together to create GeyserConnect.

  • Camotoy

    Handles protocol updates


These are staff of the Discord server. They keep the peace.


These users on the Discord are staff on the official GeyserMC Discord who give us their time here and there.

Web Design

  • Greaper88

    Originally designed the Public GeyserConnect website.

  • TheMonBon

    Revamped and redesigned Public GeyserConnect website.

  • creeper123123321

    Created the VIAaaS Addres Generator

  • Creeperz653