Public GeyserConnect

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some common problems, questions, and what we know about them.

I get the error "Connection Closed," but the server is online, and I can access other servers.

This is going to be an issue with the server, not us. This is a generic response that contains no helpful information that we can do anything with. It's most likely some kind of cofiguration issue, or some kind of block from the server.

I receive the error "Outdated Client."

Simple. The app on your phone, console, or computer is the "client." Clients are used to connect to a server.

This error means you need to update your game.

Most devices update automatically, but if you need to update, the following generic information should be helpful:

Consoles: simply got to your Game Info on your console and check for updates

Phones/Tablets: Go to your app store, go to Minecraft, and update. (APK users will receive no help from us as they aren't using a authorized app store.)

Windows: Open your Xbox app and just be patient for the app to realize it needs to update something. (Microsoft Store no longer updates the game.)

I receive the error "Outdated Server" after connecting to the Public GeyserConnect.

This is not the Public GeyserConnect's fault. This is the destination server's fault.

There are three things that can be done to resolve this:

Server admin can update their server.

Server admin can install ViaVersion.

Players can use our VIAaaS Server

I had the bot as a friend, but now it is no longer my friend.

The friend bots automatically remove idle players after 15 days. We do this to maintain availability for new players, and to removed alt, bot, and banned Xbox Live accounts from our system.

To fix this, unfriend the bot, wait 5 minutes, then friend the bot back.

I added the bot, but it hasn't friended me back.

The bot's friends list may be full. Only 1,000 friends may be on the list at any given time.

I'm friends with the bot, but it shows as offline.

The bot will always appear offline. You will only see it in the Friends List games.

If you don't see it in the in-game list, you can wait until the next automatic bot restart (which occurs every 3 hours), or if that doesn't solve it, remove the bot, wait 5 minutes and add it back, or check our account page and make sure you're attempting to use the bot that's selected in your profile.

Will there be more Friend Listeners?

No. As of present, there are 4, and account management is already stressful. Instead, we have resorted to automated removal of inactive friends and banned accounts. Additionally, we are no longer providing support or answering most questions in regard to the bots as they are labeled "experimental." either they work for you, or they don't.